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Sadik Shahadu

A meeting with Adina in Accra Ghana

A meeting with Adina in Accra Ghana

Adina is a Creative Commons certified librarian from Glendale community college USA. She is currently on an exchange program in Ghana. She is a librarian and an open education advocate.

The purpose of our meeting:

She wanted to learn more about our projects and freedom of panorama in Ghana.

My meeting with her was personal and unofficial. We had a conversation on issues like freedom of panorama, the Ghanaian educational system, public universities versus private universities and the general cost of university-level education in Ghana. 

Also, she shared some wonderful experiences on their visit to Cape Coast and Kumasi

Apart from that, she was more interested in learning how we intend to pilot our IIAB project and the  websites we are currently creating for tertiary students. 

Again, she commended the Ghanaian community for organising satellite events to promote Wikipedia and the sharing of free knowledge. 

Some of the questions she asked were:

1. The challenges we face as a community 

2.  Our motivation as volunteers for in Ghana

3. How popular is Creative Commons or open license in Ghana

4. Which sector/industry uses Creative Commons licenses most in Ghana


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