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Sadik Shahadu is an open advocate and a professional project manager with over 4 years of experience in managing community projects.
He is a certified professional at NTEN and currently volunteer in coordinating Wikipedia related projects in Ghana.
He is the co-founder and Director of Communication and partnerships for GOI Foundation.

Sadik Shahadu

Tips for Creative Thinking

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Creative thinking is the process of generating new ideas, concepts, or solutions. This often involves adapting existing ideas or combining them in new ways to create a new solution.

Problem-solving is effectively achieved by applying both critical thinking and creative thinking to generate viable solutions and decisions.

Now consider the following 2 tips when Thinking creatively:

• Feed your curiosity. Read. Read books, newspapers, magazines, blogs—anything at any time. When surfing the Web, follow links just to see where they will take you. Go to the theatre or movies. Attend lectures.

Creative people make a habit of gathering information because they never know when they might put it to good use.

Creativity is often as much about rearranging known ideas as it is about creating a completely new concept. The more “known ideas” you have been exposed to, the more options you’ll have for combining them into new concepts.

Creative Thinking

• Develop your flexibility by looking for a second right answer. Throughout school we have been conditioned to come up with the right answer; the reality is that there is often more than one “right” answer. 


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Sadik Shahadu

Creativity is not something people are born with but is a skill that is developed over time with consistent practice.
So people don't inherit creativity from their parents but its stimulated by their parents' questions and discussions. .