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Sadik Shahadu

Public Domain Day 2020 Celebration in Accra Ghana organized by Global Open Initiative

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Public Domain Day also known as PD Day is the observance of when copyrights of works expire and are now available in the public domain.This legal transition of copyright works into the public domain usually happens every year on 1 January based on the individual copyright laws of each country.

This year, we organized a photo walk and a Wikidata workshop to mark the celebration of the 2020 edition of Public Domain Day in Ghana  with support from Marijke EvertsAdina Ciocoiu and Sebastiaan ter Burg

on January 11 2020, several open advocates joined us to embark on an epic photo walk to capture images of some Ghanaian monuments and heritage sites. The idea of the photo walk was to add photos of public domain items onto Wikidata. During the photp walk, we visited places such Usher fort, Holy Trinity Church at Accra high street, Light House at James town and the Christiansborg Castle at Osu. 

Wikidata workshop

After several walk, the team converged at AITI-KACE to attend a Wikidata workshop organized by Sadik Shahadu, Co-founder of Global Open Initiative Foundation, A young nonprofit organization dully registered in Ghana but working with international organizations such Wikimedia foundation and Mozilla foundation. Participants of the workshop were introduced to Public Domain Day, Creative Commons licences and Wikidata.

During the Wikidata session, participants were also guided on how to upload photos to Wikimedia commons, link photos to Wikidata as well as contributing to missing items Wikidata. Several photos were added to some selected public domain items on Wikidata. 

Here is what some of the participants are saying about their experiences:

Moving from one national monument to another and taking pictures of structures of historical significance in the heart of the capital was one heart soothing experience.

Learning the stories behind their existence and what they mean to us as a people was fun. I also learnt about the importance of copyright and the significance of public domain day. All in all, a great experience.


Name: Emmanuel Yeboah

Occupation: Student

 I learnt how ignorance n illiteracy made our ancestors sold us out to our colonial Masters. Also, I learned about how our brave leaders stood against all odds to fight for our freedom. Blacks were treated as animals in our own land n our rich resources taken away from us too.

It's was a bad experience walking through the tunnel they were kept n knowing how they were treated.

Name: Jacinta 

Occupation: Stenographer secretary


Want to know more? 

Please find all the photos from the event.

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