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Sadik Shahadu

Open Data Day 2020 Celebration In Ghana

Open Data Day 2020 Celebration in Ghana organized by Global Open Open Initiative, i watch Africa, Linux Accra users group and Open Street Map Accra.

Location: AITI-Kace, Accra


Time Zone: Africa/Accra

Program Outline for Open Data Day Celebration in Ghana

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I Watch Africa


Theme: Using public domain satellite and drone imagery to track deforestation and water pollution in West Africa

·         Why are drones and satellite imagery (data) important in dealing with climate change?

·         Negative effects of climate change on West Africa.

·         Session on real-time use of open source satellite imagery to highlight deforestation and water pollution in West Africa

Open Forum:

·         What are some of the innovative methods of using open data to fight climate change?

·         iWatch Africa officially unveils its Climate Change Initiative.

Tree planting exercise as part of the WEF 1billion tree initiative 


Global Open Initiative 

Theme: Art and Feminism 2020: Ghanaian women in sports

As part of the Open Data Day 2020 and Art + Feminism campaign, we will organize a Wikidata edit-a-thon to create and improve biographies of Ghanaian women in sports. 

The program will host a 15 minute presentation and a 2 hour practical hands-on workshop. 


OpenStreetMap Ghana

Theme: Building capacity in Open Source mapping.

OSM Ghana will organize a mapathon to introduce new people to OSM and increase the skill set of existing members. There will be a 10 minute presentation about OSM and an hour hands on session to map areas known to participants. Another hour will be used to take a 30 minutes walk around  the neighbourhood to map points of interest.  




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