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Sadik Shahadu

2019 Parliament of Ghana Wikipedia and Wikidata edit-a-thons

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Every 4 years, the electoral commission of Ghana organizes both presidential and parliamentary elections to allow electorates to decide whether to keep or change parliamentarians and the sitting government of the Republic of Ghana. This means every 4 years, there is the need to update their Wikipedia profiles and create profiles for the newly elected ones.


Now the question is.. Who updates or creates new profiles for the parliamentarians on Wikipedia and Wikidata? The simple answer is you and me. Why? Because we know these people and we have all the answers so we can't expect anyone from anywhere to be responsible for that.

As part of our mission to tackle these challenges, the Global Open Initiative Foundation was awarded a grant by the Wikimedia Foundation to organize a series of Wikipedia and Wikidata edit-a-thons to create and improve biographies of Ghanaian parliamentarians. This was yet another exciting project following the successful completion of English-Twi Wikipedia translate-a-thon.

So far we have successfully organized and executed:

  • Organized 3 Parliament of Ghana edit-a-thons
  • Engaged 98 participants
  • Added 323K words to Wikipedia and Wikidata
  • Received 226K Article Views
  • Created 384 new pages (Wikidata + Wikipedia)
  • Edited 1.09k pages (Wikidata + Wikipedia + Wikimedia Commons)
  • Uploaded 313 files on Wikimedia Commons of which 20 are used in Articles and 28 are used across languages


The 2019 Parliament of Ghana edit-a-thon was one of the successful events organized and supervised by the Global Open Initiative Foundation.

For more information about our edit-a-thon events visit our website or the report page for more information.


By: Nana Yaa and Sadik